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Mosaic with Mindfulness

Learn mosaic online or in-person with me where you not only get to learn something new but its a great time to set aside some YOU time to RELAX and RESET your mind.

My aim is to not only help you learn how to create mosaics, but to also encourage you to take time out and focus on your well-being.  When you decide to create that space for YOU, you are saying YES to nurturing your mind body and soul. This is why I have titled my workshops Mindfulness with Mosaic.

Why Mosaic?
Mosaic making is likened to a guided meditation. Each broken piece is chosen specifically or at random and turned into a beautiful masterpiece using care, attention and patience. It’s a lot of fun, relaxing and rewarding.

What are the benefits?
Creating mosaics can help reduce anxiety and stress. It helps to still the mind and aid with relaxation. In addition to this, it can help improve general wellbeing such as empathy and coping under pressure.

Disclaimer: Mosaics have also been known to be very addictive and could prevent you from eating, spending time with your children and exercising! ;o)

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