DIY Sankofa Mosaic Kit


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DIY Sankofa Mosaic Kit

When creating this Sankofa bird kit, it was was my intention to not only give you a fun and challenging experience, but to also educate and encourage you to think about moving forward to your goals with focus.

S A N K O F A – The word Sankofa comes from the Akan people of Ghana. It is an Akan term that literally means, “to go back and get it.” One of the Adinkra symbols for Sankofa depicts a mythical bird flying forward with its head turned backward and an egg (representing the future) in its beak. It is in the past that you find your root and your power to either create and equally to destroy.

The kit comes with full instructions and everything you need. Once completed display it on a stand or have it framed.

Available in 3 colours: Green, Blue & Yellow

Box dimensions: 24cm x 20cm x 5cm / Mosaic size: 15cm x 15cm


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