In making this important investment I have outlined some points to help with your final decision:

  1. Please send me an email and give me an idea of what it is you want plus the size (see below) e.g. a mural mosaic, a bathroom panel, kitchen backsplash, garden mural etc
  2. I will call you and arrange a visit so I can get a feel of your surroundings, see the intended space, take measurements and discuss brief ideas with you as well as an idea of how long it will take.
  3. A Contract of Agreement will be drawn up which gives all details of the commission.
  4. I will work on designs or drawings and either email/post or deliver in person – depending on location. Should you decide to NOT go ahead with the commission at this point, you will be eligible to pay a design fee.
  5. A deposit is required before work begins with the remainder being paid on completion and delivery/installation of the mosaic. You can also pay in instalments depending on the size of the commission (see more details below).
  6. Work will begin on the commission. (All work is made from my studio and installed either by me or a professional once complete).
  7. I will keep you up to date on a regular basis with how the commission is progressing, with photographs sent by email or phone.
  8. With commissions exceeding 1m square, another payment will be required at the half-way stage.
  9. Once the commission is completed, installed and/or delivered, the final part of the payment will be required


Each commission has its own complexities and challenges but I’ve set out an estimate of costs below:

A4 : from £150

A3 : from £300

A2 : from £600

1m square:  £1,300

N.B. - The prices above are for mosaics using a mixture of vitreous glass, stained glass, some beads, dots and ceramic. More superior tiles such as smalti, gold leaf, handade tiles, Swarovski crystals etc command a higher price point and will involve a further discussion.


For more information or to have an informal chat contact me here.