How Mosaic Art Chose Me


Back in 2002 I had a strong calling to do something creative. I didn't know what that something was until I made the decision to pick up a prospectus. As I flicked through the pages I bypassed anything that I thought I would be rubbish at until I came across "Mosaics for Beginners". I had no idea what mosaic really was until I read the description and there and then decided that I would enrol on the 10 week course.

Within a couple of hours in weeks 2 and 3 I was nipping tiles and making my own glue using an ancient practice with flour paste. As each week went by I was literally running to get to the class. I was hooked! This artform got me into a zone which was so calming and therapeutic. I did have a few stressed out moments when I couldn't figure out how to cut a particular shape but the tutor helped and guided me and slowly but surely my mosaic came together.

The next thing I knew I had completed my mosaic and was in fact the first one in the class to finish. I couldn't believe I had created this amazing piece of art starting with nothing more than an idea.

Now, several years later I am still as passionate about this craft and have exhibited, been commissioned and helped others with their mosaic projects.

Mosaic is not just a hobby, it is my therapy, my focus, my business buddy.

Thank you dear Mosaic for choosing me as your storyteller and boy do I have more stories to tell.

What is calling you into action? Don't ignore your calling. Act on it and see how far it can take you.

United We Stand 2015

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