Joel & Sons, London

Certainly my largest commission to date this 3m x 1m mosaic project pushed me to limits I never knew I had.

After a lengthy discussion, the client gave me a gorgeous piece of floral silk material to use as inspiration. I was also given a selection of stunning Swarovski crystals to add to the piece which gave it some extra sparkle.

I started on my table and soon had to transfer to my living room floor to finish it as the piece had to remain whole and transportable in one piece. Yep one piece!

It was successfully delivered and installed to the client in approximately 8 months.


Private Client, Dunstable

This was such an enjoyable commission and one of my first kitchen projects.

The brief was simple, anything to do with elephants.

As the kitchen was newly decorated and modern with a limited colour pallet, I decided to go with fresh and bright colours for the elephant so it would stand out.

I used a selection of stained glass, Italian smalti and ceramic tile on mesh and installed it directly onto the wall.

Take a look at a quick video of the completed piece here.



I had the pleasure of working with the entire school of over 130 students to create a celebratory piece of art for the opening of the new school. What an amazing time I had getting to know individual students and staff as I worked on site for several weeks.

The design was inspired by the drawings of the students, each of whom submitted a piece for me to select and decide on which ones were going to work best. Its was a very tough decision! I decided to go with a common theme and work out my design from there.

"Push Yourself to the Limits" is one of the school's straplines which I thought was very powerful, positive and uplifting for the children to see on a daily basis. It also sends a message of hope, resiliency and persistence to encourage the children to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve.

Watch a work in progress video here.


When commissioning a mosaic piece it is useful to think of where it is going to be situated and the ambience you would like to create when you see it on a daily basis.

I have set out a brief guideline which walks you through the process and what to expect. Just click this link where you will be taken to a separate page.