Every year I give myself a word to align to and to aspire to and this year my word is CONSISTENCY.

Like a lot of people, I tend to get excited about stuff and go all in and then I fizzle out like a firework. This fizzle can look like procrastination, boredom or just that I’m just not feeling what I’m doing and no longer find it enjoyable. I also recognise in myself that I need a cheerleader. I do. I constantly need someone pushing me and holding me accountable. I’m wondering now if its because I’m not totally embodying that thing that needs doing or is it I need to innerstand why I’m doing that thing and that the end result is the thing I want to feel. I hope I haven’t lost you here.

The thing is, I know that doing things with consistency leads to results. Simple. I know that starting anything always has a beginning, middle and an end. However, is it the middle bit that changes and causes me to lose momentum? 

I have been listening to a lot of Law of Attraction content, especially Abraham.Hicks and my online coach, Suzy.Ashworth and the key message is to become a vibrational match to that which you wish to manifest. Listen to your body and feel into the vibration of ease, excitement, harmony, love or whatever it is you wish to feel. I have known this is the thing to do for a long time but have just not practised it consistently.

Back to that fizzle again!

However, this year already FEELS different for me and I am already getting intentional on what I want to achieve. I am paying closer attention to what FEELS right and sitting in stillness and FEELING into what it is I truly desire. For me that means meditation, yoga, a walk in nature in order to hear and feel those messages.

It may be that you have been stuck and keep wondering why you have been hitting brick walls or just cannot get off of that hamster wheel. Try sitting with your feelings and asking yourself the question: How would it feel and what would you do today to tap into that person you want to become? Don’t overstretch yourself but do just enough to feel that excitement and allow yourself to go with it.

Don’t be that fizzling firework, align yourself and feel into what feels right.

When you find that sweet spot, do it again, again, again and keep on doing it.

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