"I do what I LOVE and LOVE what I do"

Greetings everyone!

My name is Dionne Ible and I am a UK mosaic artist currently living in bold and bright Bedfordshire.

I discovered mosaic art back in 2002 whilst looking for a creative hobby to do outside of my job as a Legal Secretary. After attending a 10-week course I became totally hooked with this new artform and at every opportunity was picking up my tools to create something.

I found that when I got into my mosaic mood nothing else mattered but the sound of me nipping tiles and the revelation that a simple line drawing slowly turned into a colourful piece of tiled art.

Mosaic is like meditation to me. It allows me to explore and delve into my innermost thoughts, grab what’s there and express it with tiles and colour. Whilst I create, I either listen to music or motivational and empowering messages.

As woman of African descent, my art tells a story of my culture, attire, vibrancy, nature and creativity.


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