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My name is Dionne Ible and I am a UK mosaic artist currently living in bold and bright Bedfordshire.

I discovered mosaic art back in 2002 whilst looking for a creative hobby. Mosaic is like meditation to me. It allows me to explore and delve into my innermost thoughts, grab what’s there and express it with tiles and colour.

The Mosaic journey


My inspiration comes from nature, people and my spiritual consciousness. I create best when I’m given total artistic freedom. When I’m in the flow, I just flow …


My go to palette is stained glass, however, I love to explore other materials such as ceramic, shells and beads and work towards a harmonious synergy of tones and textures to compliment the piece.


My process varies depending on where the artwork is going to be installed and how large it is. I love using recycled wood, frames and found objects to give the final piece more character.


Completing a mosaic can take a long time. Patience is key and therefore I find sending photos along the journey keeps the client engaged and excited as to what is to come.

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