A Message from Dionne

My mosaic journey has led me on an adventure of self-discovery. It has allowed me to take huge risks and to ask deep soul searching questions as to why I do what I do and why I am so passionate about it.

Having no formal art background, I am hugely grateful to find my hobby has turned into a serious art profession.

My style is distinctive and unapologetically African. I am led by spirit and create what comes through me. I am inspired by a multitude of references which stem from art references, shapes and forms I see all around me, stimulating conversations ... the list is endless. From simple outlines I turn the tesserae into paint and my hands become my paintbrush.

Using a blend of stained glass, ceramic, beads and sometimes discarded objects my creativity comes to life.

My aim is to SHARE my passion, INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and EDUCATE.


2019-05-01 12.51.20

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